What Is Five Pawns ejuice?


Five Pawns signature vape liquid is a brand that was inspired by the shape of the pawn chess piece and it’s similarity to the shape of a liquid dropper; which gave birth to the name Five Pawns. The signature series of the brand is inspired by the 5 human tastes; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami. Everything is handmade guaranteeing personal individual attention to every eliquid.
Each product is placed under careful development before release. The first line of eliquids took an entire 6 months to develop. Only food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine are used in their products. All eliquids are made in house in the state of California at one of their high end facilities. Time and money have both been invested in their facilities to keep them up to date with some of the best equipment. Each flavor is offered in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg concentrations of nicotine.

TElectronic_Cigarette_Smokinghe current series of eliquids being produced are the Insignia Series. There is a selection of 5 flavors to choose from. Queenside is a citrus based flavor that is blended with a French vanilla cream base. Bowden’s Mate is a seductive mint chocolate flavor inspired by the after dinner mint. Grandmaster is a layered flavor that features a peanut butter and banana cream topped with caramel. Gambit mimics the flavors of a freshly baked crisp apple pie topped with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream. Castle Long requires a more mature taste combining aged Kentucky Bourbon, toasted coconut, roasted almond, vanilla bean, and brown sugar. Purchase each flavor individually or if you are a vaping fanatic buy the Insignia Series sample pack which comes in a 5 flavor bundle.

Aside from the ejuices themselves other merchandise is available for purchase. A line of T-shirt apparel is up for grabs on the online website. The shirt is called Black Flag Fallen and comes in long sleeve and short sleeve. The shirt also comes in three colors; black, navy, and white. It is unisex and made from a natural cotton blend. All eliquids are available for purchase both online and in retail stores. You can find all of Five Pawns E-Juice online or at the nearest location by using the store locator featured on the website.

A special edition flavor is being produced for a limited amount of time. The product will be released on September 7th and is called Symmetry Six. The new flavor is highly anticipated and will probably sell out quick. Symmetry Six is a fruity strawberry blend mixed with French vanilla cream, oats, and Graham crackers. The description sounds tasty and enticing. Make sure to pick up a bottle before it is taken off the shelf.